Hydroponics Intelligent Flowers with a Bowl of Light Indoor Garden Germination Box

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Product Description

Intelligent lighting plant grow machine, this machine can be water culture or soil culture 2 types for choose. Water culture type can be use from seed to grow, with water circulation, lighting timely automaticlly, air vent, adjustable lighting height. Soil culture plant with growed plant. The machine can adjust with 2 modes of flower planting and fruit planting. 



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Two modes adjustable, Flower & fruits mode, and Vegetable mode


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Product details

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Product Small automatic indoor lighting plant growing machine
Power terminal specificationsDC5.5*2.1
Water tank capacity4L


Main functions: 

1. Intelligent touch control

2. Fan & water pump mode

3. Vegetables mode

4. Flower & fruits mode

5. Water circulation irrigation

6. Intelligent chip

7. Electric cut-off protection

8. 4L big capacity water tank 

9. Aluminum extension pole to adapt plant height 

10. Automatic light, fan, water circulate work time

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Leaf, fruit, vegetable planting(water culture) method: 

1. Dip seed with clean water, different seed may need different time

2. Put seedling block into pot net, dip them in water

3. Formulate planting liquid, fill water into 4L level, fill in planting liquid, with EC value around 1100.

4. Put dipped seed into watered seedling block, settle the pot nets

5. When seed sprout with 2 leaves, turn on light, adjust the light board to lowest place

6. After 20 days plantlet growing, change water with back silicon plug, fill fresh water into 4 level again, fill nutrient liquid with to EC value of around 1500

7. Watching out water level, around one time to fill water to 4L and keep EC value of around 1500~1800


Flower planting method: 

1. Seed planting method same as above, just keep EC value of 800 in later times

2. If bed out planting, fill water into 4L level, with EC value of 500~800

3. Watch out water level, if lower than 2L, fill in solutions. 


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